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Would YOU like to test a Paint2It PRO for FREE? Read on to find out how!

Paint2It is the latest painting gadget to take the DIY world by storm and we are looking for REAL people just like YOU to test a Paint2It PRO, let us know what you think of it.

This is your chance to get your hands on a Paint2It PRO totally free of charge, and in return we would love you to send us a video of you using it for your painting and DIY jobs that tells us what you think of it. We would also love you to post a review on our Facebook page that we can include on our website.

By applying to receive a Paint2It PRO, you acknowledge that you will send us a video that we can use on our social media channels and YouTube channels for promotional purposes and that you will leave us a review on our Facebook page –


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Paint2It PRO Real People Campaign – Terms and Conditions

Sales Impact: Developing Business Solutions is the company behind the Paint2It Real People Campaign and it is through us that you will receive your Paint2It PRO.  The following terms and conditions must be agreed to in order to receive a Paint2It PRO for FREE to review:

  • You agree that by receiving a Paint2It PRO for free that you will send us a video clip of you using it for your painting and DIY projects that tells us what you think of it. You can shoot the clip in any way your like and with your phone or other type of video camera. For us to receive the video, please send it to us via Mail Big File – All videos must be sent to Lisa at Sales Impact via paint2it@salesimpactdbs.comWe also have a Dropbox account that you can upload your video to if you prefer, please email for details of this. If you have any problems uploading and sending your video via Mail Big File or if you have any questions or technical queries, please email
  • You may upload the video to your own social media channels if you have any. Please tag Paint2It on the following social media channels when doing
  • If you would like to review the Paint2It PRO on your website and social media channels we would love to see your review! Please email with a link to your review so we can share it.
  • Paint2It UK reserves the right to ask that any Paint2It PRO units be returned to us upon request at any time.

By submitting a request to receive a Paint2it PRO for free to review on your blog or website you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions.

For any questions or queries please email