Cut the mess out of painting with the Paint2it Pro paint tray which makes any job as hassle-free as can be.

Upright, upside down or tilted, it keeps the paint perfectly contained.

Accommodates up to 12oz of paint.

Washable professional liner allows for months of use.

Work perfectly with water base paint, latex, acrylic and chalk paints.

Use with the non-spill paint tray Pro.

Switch colours instantly by switching trays.

Use several trays to finish your job faster.

Rinse it with water; towel dry completely and use it again.

Prevent paint from drying for a few hours by placing the tray upside down.

How Paint2IT works

How Paint2IT works

Watch our video below to see the magic!

Don’t just take our word for it – see what our customers have said about Paint2It PRO!

As it claims, worked great! Wife likes to paint the walls etc all the time. Purchased this for her so she didn’t have to lug around can or tray. Worked amazing! Almost fell out of my seat when she turned the tray upside down on our carpet floor and not a drop came out. Very comfortable to hold. Does everything it claims to – Hawkeye.

This thing really works! I’m using it with a brush to do cut-in work and also with a smaller roller. It holds quite a bit of paint. Using this tool is far better than holding a paint can. I have a step ladder with a platform on top, and the tray fits very nicely on it – Coastie.

Used this last weekend. Keeps paint secure and washes up easily – highly recommended! – Rita.

4 Easy Steps!
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Paint2it - how to use step 2
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