Your kitchen painting project!

Update your kitchen with a fresh coat of paint! If you’ve never painted a kitchen before, it can seem a little overwhelming, but don’t be afraid! We’re here to help you.

The most popular colours for a kitchen are yellow, red, blue, white, green and grey.

Yellow is a very cheerful shade while red con feel intense; they both are believed to stimulate the apetite. Blue, white, green and grey are more low-key, calming shades.

You’ll need to select the right paint finish. Paints come in a number or finishes, from flat to high-gloss. The general rule is the more matte the finish, the harder to clean.

Since kitchens often need extra cleaning, a satin or semi-glossy finish is the best option.

Now that you now which kind of colour and type of paint you can use, you’re all set to start painting your kitchen!

Remember to be playful and never be afraid of trying new colours or finishes.

Happy painting!