Want to know more

about Paint2it?

Here are some questions we get asked a lot about Paint2It!

How much paint does Paint2It hold?

Up to 12 ounces of latex paint for the anti-gravity effect. (That means it won’t drip or spill when you hold it upside down).

Can it hold more than one colour?

Yes. Paint2iT can hold up to six different latex colours at one time without running together. Great for touch-up work or painting a wall mural.

How do I use it on a ladder?

Loosen the adjustable strap then reverse it where the disc is on the back of your hand and the strap is inside the grip of your hand. Re-adjust strap to be comfortable then climb the ladder with the security of both hands.

Is it one-size fits all?

Thanks to a durable, adjustable strap, Paint2iT can fit almost any size adult or youth hand. Just make sure the strap fits comfortably in your grip and off you go. Is perfect when you are painting on a ladder.

Is it meant for the DIY painter and commercial one?

Yes. Paint2it is a quality made product that gives everyone who uses so many benefits. Anyone can enjoy saving half the time painting.

How do you clean up after using it?

You have a couple of options. One, use squeegee to extract unused paint back into can, then wash with water and towel dry.

What type of paint can be used with the Paint2It?

We recommend to use only water based paint with the PRO. And for the PLUS you can use any type of paint, water and oil based.

Do I always have to use the original liner?

The liner material is designed for easy clean up and re-use for years or stored with paint in plastic zip bag for weeks.

Can I use Paint2It for exteriors?

Yes, you can use it for exteriors and also for interiors.

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