Paint without mess

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Paint without mess

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Want to unleash your inner DaVinci and paint upside down?

Paint2It it´s an Anti-Gravity Technology™ paint tray that takes the mess and stress out of painting!!

The tray’s unique bristle-fiber fabric, deveolped exclusively for Paint2it, holds onto paint and it stays put – even when you turn the tray upside down. No drips, no spills.

Hold the high-quality disc in your hand like a palette that’s easy to bring around the room and up and down a ladder.

Professional Painter, Ben Mayberry was always thinking about how he could decrease waste of paint, time, and money while increasing quality. In 2004, he created the first prototype of Paint2It, and has been improving it ever since.

Paint2it - how to use
Paint2it, No Spill, No Drip, No Mess Image
Man painting wall with Paint2it Pro

Paint2It removes the need to carry a paint can everywhere – it holds up to 12 oz. of paint, and can even hold different colors without them mixing together.

Paint loads onto brushes and rollers quickly and evenly, eliminating the need to wipe paint off. It goes on the wall, not on the floor!!

Drop cloths and prep work are kept to a minimum. Plus, Paint2It is easy to clean with the included squeegee, which takes the paint out of the fibers so you can put it back in the can.

Your home projects will be more like works of art, with a lot less time and hassle.

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